UNICA6 can really be defined Made In … Italy!

Manufacturing is concentrated in the Abruzzo plant of IAT Srl, which takes care of the production of frames, custom components and final assembly.

Innovation, exclusivity and sustainability, starting from 95% recycled aluminium frames.


The «professional» series looks at companies and those who use ebike to work with
customized fittings and a range of interchangeable accessories.

Product traceability guarantees high standards of quality and sustainability, providing the correct recycling instructions at the end of life of each component.

UNICA6 Crossover introduces a new segment on the e-bike market.

The «Crossover» combines the convenience of the city bike with the possibility of gentle hiking on dirt roads, pursuing ease and versatility of use.

UNICA6 Trekking is the innovative e-bike that combines sustainability and performance, offering a cutting-edge product that combines technological innovation and environmental responsibility.

The concept of multi-purpose and professional e-bike is so high: comfort and ease of use are combined with the ability to make off-road routes at maximum performance for any type of user.

Explore new territories without limits with our full e-bike. With advanced suspension and built-in electric power, tackle every path with unprecedented comfort and control.

Designed for use on rough or uneven terrain, it is ideal for trail riding or off-road cycling. The integrated electric technology provides pedaling support, allowing cyclists to tackle steep climbs or difficult terrain with less effort.

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